More Pictures of Me!

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My Birthday Party!

My first Christmas!

My first year!

Before I was born

Mommy & Daddy





All Mommy and Daddy do is take lots of pictures of me!

This is me my first month



Me taking a rest when I was 3 days old

Going for a car trip! 4 days old

Me when I was a week old

Mommy called me "Baby Blue Light Special"

Me and my swing

Midnight snack

Aren't I cute? 10 days old

10 days old

Mommy giving me a bath

I'm getting all clean!

Me in my new bed when I was 10 days old

Dinner time

My first trip to a resturant, 13 days old

Me on my new pillow, 13 days old

Talking with daddy

Me with my Mommy & Daddy, 13 days

My parents really do love me!

Me in a milk coma

I think I might be a little to small for this new toy

Me in the stroller

The first time in my new stroller