My Birthday Party!

My first Christmas!

My first year!

Before I was born

Mommy & Daddy


More Pictures of Me!

Lilypie 2nd Birthday Ticker  



I'm Growing! I'm 5 months old!

7/17 - 8/16



Cuteness times a million!

My new shirt!

Me & Daddy

My other new shirt

Mr. Smiley strikes again

Me & mommy getting ready to ride the carousel


I had fun!

Having some breakfast w/ Daddy

Me & My Daddy dressed a like

Beatles shirt daddy bought me

I'm soooo cute!

Swimming for the first time!

I love to swim!

In my alligator robe after swimming

Me at my first wedding, check out my tux!

Dressed up w/ Daddy

Me, Mommy, the Bride, and my new girlfriend

My second time going swimming

I think I'm part fish!

I'm flying!

My new chair at Nana's

Check out my dot pj's

My bib says, "If you think I'm cute, you should see my Dad!"

I'm at the grocery store!

Babies $4.99??

My Grandma from Peru came to visit!