More Pictures of Me!

Lilypie 2nd Birthday Ticker  


My Birthday Party!

My first Christmas!

My first year!

Before I was born

Mommy & Daddy



I'm Growing!  Here I am when I was 4 months old!

6/17 - 7/16



Me in Grandpa's big chair

Sleeping at Nana's

The real reason why daddy had me?

Me w/ Mommy and my new hat

I knew it all along that I was Everyone's Favorite!

Got Milk?

Daddy's Little Monster

4th of July and my new shoes

Born in the USA

4th of July smile :)

Ian Uncle Sam

Waving the flag on 4th of July

More of me on the 4th of July!

Ian the Sailor Man

I like my Sailor outfit!

Me & Mommy

My family

Me & Daddy

Me & my new toy that is teaching me Spanish!

I Love Mommy