My Birthday Party!

My first Christmas!

My first year!

Before I was born

Mommy & Daddy



More Pictures of Me!

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I'm Growing!  Here I am when I was 1 month old

3/17 - 4/16


Me in my leprechaun outfit

My family all in green

Me and my Daddy

I know I'm cute

Mommy and Me w/ the Easter Bunny

Me giving mom the bird since shes taking my picture..AGAIN

New shoes from Aunt Jessica

Me sleeping in my monkey shirt

My John Travolta pose

Dreaming of food

I love my mommy

Mommy calls me "Mr. Manners" in this picture

My new blue friend

Ready for a trip

My Easter gift from Uncle Ricky & Aunt Kathy

My Easter Basket & Easter Snoopy

Taking a nap with daddy

Taking a nap with mommy

100% Cute

Take me out to the ball game!

You gotta love a face like this!

I fit in this toy now :)

sleeping w/ a worm

Alligator robe after a bath

Daddy & I