My Birthday Party!

My first Christmas!

My first year!

Before I was born

Mommy & Daddy


More Pictures of Me!

Lilypie 2nd Birthday Ticker  



I'm Growing!  Here I am when I was 9 months old

11/17 - 12/16



Mommy & me on my first Vacation

Me & Daddy w/ Shamu

Watchin' Shamu

After the Shamu show :)

Shamu stadium

Riding Shamu!

Vacations make me sleepy!

My Christmas photo shoot

Reading a Christmas book

Santa Ian

On my sleigh

My family

Me & my mommy

Me & my daddy

Having Thanksgiving Dinner!

Check out my turkey shirt!

Thankful for Mommy

In my "racecar"

Frosty Snowman!

Talking with Santa

Hi Santa!

Me & Daddy on Santa's train

I like the train!